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James Felice (The Felice Brothers)- 4/6/14


SIMONE FELICE’s gig at Bush Hall on 10 April 2014.

Photo by rosieyangphotographer


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Greg Farley (The Felice Brothers)- 4/6/14

Drowned in Sound goes in for a deep and wonderful interview with Simone Felice for his newest album, Strangers.



Through all of his projects, he has developed a phenomenal reputation as a storyteller that few can rival. Strangers, released recently, sees Felice still as a solo artist but recording with a whole host of collaborators, whether that be those from his past or Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites (The Lumineers).”

Read on at Drowned in Sound. 


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Greg, James, and Ian (The Felice Brothers)- 4/6/14


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James Felice (The Felice Brothers)- 4/6/14


It was a happy Wednesday last night with Langhorne Slim & the Law and the Felice Brothers playing Rough Trade NYC. See the rest of our photos.

Photos courtesy of JC McIlwaine | www.jcmcilwaine.com


Snaps from The Felice Brothers "Favorite Waitress" Album Trailer shoot I Art Directed 

~look out for their new album~

We were completely shocked when we found out you’re not supposed to [play traditional instruments] if you’re a young person. When we first started playing music, we played what we played because that’s what we had: We had an acoustic guitar and an old, piece-of-shit accordion and a fiddle. You couldn’t busk in the subway with an amp, and no one could afford one. There were no electric guitars or synthesizers. We just started playing the music we could play with the tools that we had. There was never, ever a conscious decision to play old-timey music. We love that music of course, and that was very inspiring, especially old Delta blues and Pete Seeger and Jimmie Rodgers, stuff like that. We never felt like we had to stay within those confines. The music is folk music because of the themes and story, not because of the instrumentation, and that’s something that some people don’t understand. Folk music is music by regular people, not rock and pop stars. We’d still be a folk band because of the nature of the songs that we write. It’s not because of the superficial aspects or instrumentation. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not, but we’ve always had a bit of a punk, DIY ethos, a ‘Get mad! Play loud!’ kind of thing. We used to do that a lot. We still do sometimes.


The Felice Brothers - Cherry Licorice

The first single from The Felice Brothers’ new album “Favorite Waitress” in stores June 9 in UK/EUR and June 17 in North America/Everywhere Else.